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The default method for hiding files and folders on a Mac involves Terminal commands. Hit the shortcut again and the files go back to being invisible. Read More stumbles upon them or goes in search of them. Not a foolproof solution, as you can see. If you deal with hidden data often , consider installing a point-and-click app like Hide Folders Free or DesktopUtility Free. It will speed up the process of creating hidden files and toggling their visibility. This section can fill up fast if you experiment with apps on a regular basis. Right-click on any app you want to hide from the Purchased list and select the Hide Purchase… option that appears.

In these times, notifications are public enemy number one. You can silence them all with the flick of a switch from the Notification Center!

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Go through each app listed in the sidebar and customize how and where its notifications show up. To hide the notifications for an app completely , set the Calendar alert style to None , and uncheck all the boxes listed below it. This will:. Visit the Do Not Disturb section from the sidebar if you want to hide all alerts on a schedule. For example, the file size for iWork documents, the image size for photos, and the number of items within for folders.

This setting works on individual folders and not across Finder, much like Finder views. Yes, you need certain apps to launch at login, but do you need to see their windows pop up every time you restart your Mac? Probably not. Select the current user from the sidebar and switch to its Login Items tab. Your Mac will still launch these apps at login, but in the background. Hit the Done button once you have finished deselecting the checkboxes for the panes you want to hide. The Launchpad feature on your Mac is as good as extinct and already out of the way.

Launchpad will continue to stay accessible via Spotlight though. Each application usually comes with a few elements that are unique to it. Read More , and iTunes has its Apple Music features.

Disable Dot Indicators for Apps in Dock

Decluttering is a great way to start the year feeling fresh, and it gives you a big sense of accomplishment — but there's more to it than that. This simple habit can improve your life. Read More in all its forms, but we often dismiss visual clutter as inconsequential. Here's how to apply the KonMari method to your digital life. What else can you hide on your Mac or wish that you could? Share those pet peeves with us, and if you have managed to fix them, tell us how! Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Top Deals.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from the Mac Desktop

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  • How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained.
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As you can see, if I open Calendar and Notepad at the same time and the minimize them, it creates two more icons at the far right. When you check that option in dock settings, it will minimize those apps into the app icon rather than separately. Since Finder can never be closed in OS X, the Finder icon will always have a black dot underneath it.

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He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Written by: Aseem Kishore , Twitter: September 13th, in: Often find your desktop icons untidy? Give a shot to the following tricks that can help you get rid of the mess in a jiffy! A completely cluttered desktop is the last thing I want to see on my Mac. However, I do have to deal with the messed up display quite often. Many a time, I save files on the desktop to find them a bit more conveniently.

And if I forget to clean them up in time, they pile up to clutter the entire screen. But when that happens, I run to some of the easy-to-use tricks to hide or remove icons from the Mac desktop to get rid of the mess immediately. Are you on the same page as me and looking for more effective ways to deal with the untidy desktop?

  • How to Hide or Remove Icons from Mac Desktop!
  • How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained.
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Well, these hacks have proved to be enormously useful for me. So, why not give them a try straight away! First off, we are going to try out this simple way that has existed on the macOS for long.

How-To: Hide the menu bar on Mac OS X

Step 2. Click on Finder menu at the top left corner and then click Preferences. Step 5.

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All these items will be immediately hidden. Later, if you want to show them, follow the same steps and then check the box next to the thing that you want to show on the screen again. Another trick that I often use to remove the files from the macOS desktop instantly is the Terminal command. Step 1.

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