How to set custom page size in word mac

Select Other or the name you gave the customized size in the drop-down paper size menu. Your document changes to that size on the screen.

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Word is a bit different. Set the Paper size to custom, and then set the various parameters in the Paper , Margins , and Layout tabs.

Change paper size

Then Click OK. If you enter a paper size that the chosen printer cannot run, the name of the customized paper size is grayed out in the paper size drop-down menu. Share Pin Email. A pro journalist who covers technology and computer troubleshooting, and who uses word processing programs daily. Updated February 01, You can change a document paper size for a new file or for an existing one. Open a new or existing file in Microsoft Word.

In Word , choose File. For Word , you may need to click the Paper tab at the top of the dialog.

How to Change the Paper Size in Word

Click OK to return to the Page Setup screen. If you increase the margins, you get less text on each page, but the added whitespace can make the document look more appealing.

Set page orientation

You can set specific margin sizes for the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins, and you can also specify where you want Word to apply the new margins: Click to view larger image. You can also set the size and position of the gutter, which is extra whitespace added usually to the inside margin to handle document binding.

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In the Margins tab of the Page Setup dialog, use the Gutter spin box to set the size of the gutter, and use the Gutter Position list to click whether you want the gutter in the left margin or the top margin. By default, page text runs across the short side of the page, and down the long side.

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This is called portrait orientation. Alternatively, you can configure the text to run across the long side of the page and down the short side, which is called landscape orientation.


You would use the landscape orientation mostly when you have text or an image that is too wide to fit across the page in portrait orientation. Wide images, a table with many columns, or a long line of programming code are just a few of the situations in which this width might not be enough.

Pages for Mac: Set paper size and orientation in a Pages document

If you switch to landscape, however, the usable space grows to 9. Word assumes that you will be printing your documents on standard letter-size paper, which is 8. If you plan to use a different paper size, you need to let Word know what you will be using so that it can print the document correctly.

Saving as PDF with Custom Margins and Page Sizes in Word for Mac

If you need to set a custom paper size, click Format, and then click Document to open the Document dialog. Click Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog. An old trick is to tell Word you are using a larger paper size than you actually are. If you have a paragraph that must begin at the top of a page, you can ensure that happens by inserting a page break just before that paragraph. In Word-related training sessions and question-and-answer periods, some of the most common complaints and queries center on using multiple page layouts in a single document:.

Most people end up splitting a single document into multiple documents to accomplish these and similar tasks. However, you do not have to break up your document just because you want to break up the page layout. The secret to doing this is the section, a document part that stores page layout options such as the following:. When you create a document, Word gives it a single section that comprises the entire document. admin