Mac os x 10.6 automount nfs

CoolMischa on Dec 28, '11 Any ideas are welcome Regards Mischa [ Reply to This ]. Berk on Jun 07, '12 I've ran into this before and I see a lot of people having issues with this. I have solved the issue for myself on both The issue you are having is with automounted nfs shares and finder. The solution comes with configuration on both the server side and the client side.

Server - OpenSuse I have never had any issues with this affecting my systems before.

Automounting NFS share in OS X into /Volumes · GitHub

More info on all of these can always be found on the man page for nfs. This makes it so that all requests appear to the server as if UUID is writing to the share, regardless of who is actually doing the writing. Client Setup 1 Created a directory for my nfs share to be mounted at: Everything worked from terminal. I then fired up 2 finder windows and dragged and copied a file from my mac to the nfs share.

Using the Mac OS X automounter

It let me drop it there. Hopped on my nfs server to make sure and the file opened just fine.

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If you want to mount this share at boot everytime do the following: In my case: Once agian, in my case: Thanx again [ Reply to This ]. Search Advanced.

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  • Using the Mac OS X automounter.
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    What's New in the Forums? Thanks in advance and let me know if I omitted important details. This approach may be helpful: Eir Nym Eir Nym 1, 9 Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work for me. Your Arch Linux box must export the path with the insecure option, see forums. I'm running into the same problem than ndejay but the cause may differ sightly. Fravadona Fravadona 51 3.

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    I found that the automountd service wasn't loaded on my machine running David Resnick David Resnick 1 5 I have no affiliation with the product. Joe Casadonte Joe Casadonte 6 Any time we add or remove a share, we can push out a new package with the changes and the packages postinstall script will reload automount.

    Because the Finder at least since Directory names viewed from the Terminal are unaffected. My users demand that the shares appear as a volume icon on their desktop? Any ideas on this.

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    Can I create aliases on the Desktop? I really appreciated this article. No need to create any aliases. Did you get this working on Lion? Excellent writeup. Have you tried Add a map file, e. I use Cheers Michael. Michael, this is the reason we only set this up on presumably immobile desktop Macs.

    It causes fewer headaches for us and our users. There is a way to mitigate the system lags, though. One thing I would do is reduce the autofs default timeout period to something lower than one hour.

    Re: 10.04 NFS Server with Mac OS X NFS Client

    Try starting with 15 minutes. Thanks for your input, mklement. I pretty much copied the options we use on linux directly over. On my MBP I use the soft option on nfs and smb mount to solve the spinning wheel problem when the resource is not available on the network. Set up a yp server to supply the maps and edit the executable files to ypcat the files that are served by the yp server. If you wish to makes changes, then this is done in one location — the server. There have been other problems that Finder experienced, but I believe these are now fixed in I no longer work in this kind of environment, so there may be newer gotchas.

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