Mac miller feat delusional thomas

Long live Mac Miller.

Delusional Thomas - Larry by Mac Miller | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Look, fuck these writtens, I don't watch and Park I skate through the park in my 's Smoke blunts in the dark with some porno bitches You just see the spark in the blunts like I'm porno flicking Got the hormones tripping, I'm more so dripping Daily Bread's tatted on the chest of my torso And it's never gonna fade unlike my eyes So I go trip like Psilocybin, eyes wider than Ohio. By Mitch Findlay. Mitch Findlay findlaymitch.

Bill Mac Miller Feat.

Delusional Thomas was met with generally positive reviews from music critics. He continues to add something new and different. Delusional Thomas' only drawback is that every song has a similar sound, but for the tatted up rhymer's true fans, it won't matter. This mixtape is not for the squeamish and definitely is not for those that only like Top 40 rap. For everyone else, it's hip hop noir at its finest. With only ten short songs, it's just the right amount of time to keep the listener fully engaged.

But hidden behind those flaws is a good mixtape.

The Voices in Mac Miller's Head

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Delusional Thomas feat. Da$H - The Jesuits (prod. Larry Fisherman)

Larry Fisherman randomblackdude. McCormick Darien Dash. HipHop DX.

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Retrieved What is the reception been like? A lot of the love or hate response really comes from the high-pitched voice. One complete sentence. Do you want to do more stuff like that in the future? One next step for me is to try and make things concise. W you make music you kind of start to think that you have to relate to everyone.

So have a record for the club, have a record for the girls, have a record for this and that.

Mac Miller's "Delusional Thomas" Brought Earl And "Bill" To The Killing Fields

I think as you go forward, I think your first record is going to be looked at as this weird footnote in a larger career, like Alex Chilton and the Box Tops. But I like that, man. I like that growth.

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